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Newsletter 1 - 08/14/2017 Edit

ECKVA To Partner With L.A. Based Studio

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For immediate release:

ECKVA Network is excited to announce its partnership with Los Angeles based studio Two Quarter Media. This partnership solidifies ECKVA Network’s current production schedule for its first animated children's program Alice’s Bakery. After administrative items have been finalized, production is slated to begin early next month.

“We are simply over the moon to be involved with TQM, and feel it is the start of a very positive relationship”, said network programming manager [][][][][].

Lead animator Liz Steiner is also “Immensely ready” to get to work with her team.

“We’re looking forward to showing ECKVA what we can do over the next few months and beyond. This is something we’ve been working towards for a long time.” Steiner said.

A premiere date has not yet been set for Alice’s Bakery.

Newsletter 2 - 10/18/17Edit


The lawsuit between Jeremy Whalen and his previous employer, Clear Lakes Communications, has been summarily dismissed by &&&&&&&&&& after evidence o log repairf Whalen’s poor mental state was corroborated by multiple witnesses.

Whalen had previously accused CLC of maintaining a hostile work environment which led to “multiple instances of mental and physical trauma”, though no specifics of the claim were ever made public.

CLC was purchased and absorbed last year by ECKVA Network for an undisclosed sum.

Newsletter 3 - 5/14/18 Edit


!partial log repair complete




&&&: Hey

%%%%: Yeah?

&&&: I found a file on here that i can't get to work.

%%%%: whats the file?

&&&: t's "BLOT.xml"

%%%%: can you open it?

&&&: No. i tried on the test machine and virtual machine.

%%%%: What happend?

&&&: It hard crashed both of them?

%%%%: Might be junk?

&&&: I doubt it. Everything we've found so far has been related to the arklistener system in some way or another.

%%%%: Send it to me .

&&&: Will do. Thanks.


/////archiving log/////

!connection timeout