ECKVA Network

What is ECKVA Network?

ECKVA Network is the latest YouTube web series/ARG from Troy Wagner, the founding writer and main actor behind Marble Hornets. It is, in effect, the follow up series to Marble Hornets. The protagonist of the series, S Hawkins, is investigating a series of strange video broadcasts that are originating from an unknown source. It is presumed that the broadcasts are coming from the dead television station "ECKVA Network". After some time, the broadcasts begin to directly target SH, who is only attempting to understand the meaning behind it all.

ECKVA Network doubles as an "Alternate Reality Game", a storytelling method that requires viewer engagement, such as decoding puzzles. The broadcasts are linked to an in-game website that viewers have the opportunity to engage with, and explore. Emails, character Twitter accounts, and interactive puzzles are all featured in the context of the story.

ECKVANET channel

The official ECKVA webpage

S. Hawkins's Twitter

The ECKVA Broadcaster's twitter

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