SH. Hawkins Edit

Not much is currently known about SH Hawkins. Their twitter was discovered on October 26th, 2016 however it was protected and remained that way until November 2nd. At the time, it seemed as if they knew just as much as the average viewer, and that the only real association they had with ECKVA Network was a job interview years prior. SH doesn't remember much about the application; during this time they were also taking a medication known as "Preaxin".

SH is a very secretive person, careful not to let the general public know their identity; going so far as to wear gloves when on camera, blocking out their email address, and warning against filling out applications for the network revealed in ECKVA2.

Also, They don't mind hiding other people's emails sent by him from ECKVA. This was seen in his twitter post about a email of his applicant from D Scott


The email by D Scott

Being quite popularly theorized for a while, it was confirmed in ECKVA6 that Hawkins is the person uploading the broadcasts onto the "eckvanet" YouTube channel, and the one responsible for adding notes to the end of the broadcasts.

Theories Edit

Some believe that SH is unreliable and is purposely withholding information.

Another popular theory that seems to coincide with SH's knack for not revealing personal information, is that he or she only gives viewers information when they believe it is important.